Coffee isn’t just coffee! Coffee is nuanced and complex

More and more Danes are searching for the good coffee experience which, fortunately, comes in many variations.

We call ourselves Cool-Coffee, as in Cold-Coffee, because we have chosen to work with cold-brewed coffee as a concept. While the way we at Cool-Coffee brew our coffee may seem insignificant, it’s our gentle and cold-brewing method that makes all the difference!

One of the advantages of cold brewed coffee is that it doesn’t contain the same bitter flavours traditionally brewed coffee naturally contains - and that affects the taste!

This reduced bitterness highlights the coffee's deep aromatic complexity, as well as it’s natural sweetness. We think the benefits of cold brew are incredible, and the use of cold brewed coffee is, of course, a deliberate choice.


Coffee is more popular than ever. We Danes love coffee. It's that simple. Most of us drink it every day, and coffee can be consumed on different occasions and even in different ways.

We approach coffee with a nuanced interest, and we cultivate the coffee's many applications. Based on the best ingredients we have experimented with new flavours and production techniques for years. We can, with confidence, say we understand great coffee!





Nothing in between

Cold-brew is a special technique for brewing your coffee. It should not be confused with the concept of iced coffee. Iced coffee usually consists of traditionally brewed coffee, where the coffee beans are in limited contact with hot water, only to subsequently be cooled. In cold brew, the actual brewing of the coffee beans takes place in a cool environment with cold water, over several hours, which provides cold brew with it’s characteristic taste.