6 flasker Cool-Coffee Original 70 cl
august 20, 2020
1 flaske Cool-Coffee Dark Chocolate & Mint 70cl
august 18, 2022

1 flaske Cool-Coffee Original 70cl


Cool-Coffee Original (19%) is a rich coffee shot, with a touch of caramel & vanilla.

This coffee shot is not your typical coffee liquor; it contains less sugar, is not heavy, nor as sweet.
It combines the bold flavors of coffee with smooth vodka, resulting in a rich and soothing blend of coffee and booze, making it perfect savoring on its own as a digestif or for mixing coffee cocktails.

When enjoying it “straight up”, we recommend:
Serve chilled, no ice. To avoid dilution.
That’s why we prefer to call it a “shot”.


  • Galiano ‘Cold’ Shot: Top your shot with cream, for ‘cold version’ of the classic Galiano ‘Hot’ Shot.
  • Classic White Russian: Mix with milk – voilà!
  • Classic Espresso Martini: Shake with espresso – voilá!
  • Ideal for making classics like Espresso Martini & White Russian, but also for new trends like Cold Brew & Tonic and Coffee Negroni.

    Check out for some drool-worthy Coffee Cocktails!

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